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Defining Wellness with Love


Originally founded in Singapore in 1987, we take great pride in delivering only the best products to our consumers. After more than 30 years in business, we have grown and evolved to not only meet the ever-changing needs of our young and ageing population but have also been recognized by international regulatory bodies for our impeccable and consistent levels of quality.

One of our secrets of maintaining such high quality in our products, is that we use them too.

"After all, we are our biggest customers!"

To ensure that you get the best your body deserves, all our products are made only with the freshest and most potent ingredients by GMP certified manufacturers.

Here at Body Language, we take a holistic approach to health – Mind, Body and Soul.


We make it our responsibility to enhance lives, one person at a time, through our carefully curated wellness solutions.

To establish and uphold quality, integrity, expertise and excellence.



We partner only with the BEST health food vendors


We speak the language of LOVE through our products and services


We GROW with you in your journey to great health