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Haze, 35, Private Banker


35, Private Banker

As a full-time working mother of 3, I have been taking Eternal Youth Royal Jelly for 2 years, and have experienced an overall improvement in my health, increased energy levels, and a more radiant complexion. I have also been giving my daughters Booster which has made them more alert mentally, improving their learning abilities in school. It makes me so proud to see them enjoy and look forward to school everyday.

Yuva, 34, Personal Trainer


34, Personal Trainer

Being a personal trainer means having to keep fit not just physically, but mentally as well. With Eternal Youth Royal Jelly, it gives me that extra boost of energy throughout the day to give my clients the optimum training and motivation they deserve. Moreover, as a vegan, EYRJ has helped to enhance the absorption nutrients from food more effectively whilst providing me with the essential micronutrients.

Suriati, 33, Stay-Home Mom


33, Stay-Home Mom

Since young, I have suffered from IBS. After years of tests and medication, I was sure that there would not be a cure for me. A friend then recommended Body Language to me and I decided to give their Well Being range a try. Within days of consuming the Detox and Symbiotic supplements, I felt relief like never before. My IBS symptoms reduced significantly and I no longer felt bloated, sluggish and tired. In fact, I was more energetic and even shed some extra kilos which was great!

Lou, 30, Advertising Manager


30, Advertising Manager

One word, AWESOME! BLG’s wellness solutions have made a great impact on my life, and I’m thankful to have discovered them. Their products are fuss-free, and the benefits speak for themselves. My skin looks and feels great, my immune system has improved, I don’t fall sick as often and my insomnia is now more manageable, allowing me to wake up fresh and well-rested every morning.

Mr Danabalan, 68, Retiree

Mr Danabalan

68, Retiree

Before taking Eternal Youth Royal Jelly, I always felt tired and my legs used to hurt badly due to the nature of my job. After hearing about Body Language, I decided to try their Eternal Youth Royal Jelly, and was surprised by how good I felt in such a short time. I feel fresh every morning, energetic throughout the day and my aches have significantly reduced. 11 years later, at the age of 68, I attribute my vitality and youthfulness to Eternal Youth Royal Jelly.

Patrina, 30, Talent Acquisition Manager


30, Talent Acquisition Manager

Long hours at the desk has caused certain issues such as shoulder and back aches that I found hard to shake off just by going for massages. Eternal Youth Royal Jelly has helped to alleviate that pain for me amongst other benefits that I enjoy from taking the product. I find myself concentrating better at work, and having more energy throughout the day. Plus, I’ve even started to receive compliments that my skin looks more glowy as I continue to consume EYRJ.

Terry, 33, IT Professional


33, IT Professional

Fitness has become a huge part of my life ever since my transformation in 2015 when my weight was increasing and health deteriorating. Apart from training with a personal trainer, Body Language has guided me through their wellness programme to make sure that I stay healthy while achieving my goals. Today, I’m proud to say that I have lost 23kg and I am an 8 x Marathoner, as well as a 9 x Ironman 70.3, who’s No.1 in Singapore within my age group!

Mdm Siti Nor, 76, Housewife

Mdm Siti Nor

76, Housewife

I have been a  customer with Body Language Group for 22 years since 1997. I feel good and healthy at the age of 76. Whenever I go for my routine medical examinations, my results are great and my doctor is happy. I am still very active with my grandchildren, and I go about my daily routine without feeling tired or in pain.

Farhan, 28, Cabin Crew


28, Cabin Crew

Flying used to take a toll on my physical and mental health, but after taking Eternal Youth Royal Jelly, I am able to cope better with the odd hours and flying to different time zones. I find myself more refreshed, and less prone to falling ill from the lack of rest. Even my body aches have lessened, and I feel great!


33, Banker

I have been taking Eternal Youth Royal Jelly ever since my parents gave it to me when I was 13 years old. The effects have been great, giving me energy and keeping me healthy. I have also recommended the product to my cousin, a Sailor, who has been ordering the product for 7 years now, and has benefited from it too. (Been taking Royal Jelly since 1999)

Encik Ahmad

65, Gardener

I used to feel very tired and restless. My body ached badly, and I had insomnia due to the pain. After taking Eternal Youth Royal Jelly from Body Language, I feel so much better, and I can have a peaceful night’s sleep. (Been taking Eternal Youth Royal Jelly since 1996)

Suppaih Sita

60, Cleaner

My skin use to be so dry and flaky. After taking Eternal Youth Royal Jelly from Body Language, the symptoms have since gone away. (Been taking Eternal Youth Royal Jelly since 1999)

Mdm Nafsiah

70, Cleaner

I use to have leg pains and always felt sick but after taking Eternal Youth Royal Jelly from Body Language, my leg pains have since subsided. (Been taking Eternal Youth Royal Jelly since 1998)


63, Retiree

My body ached a lot and so did my feet and my knee. Well I don’t feel the aches that I use to anymore” (Been taking Eternal Youth Royal Jelly since 2000)


35, Housewife

My child is 8 yrs old, and he was slow. He did not perform well in his studies and neither did he perform well in his last exam. After taking Booster, he became No. 1 in his class, is more active, and does not feel as tired as he used to. (Been taking Booster since 2004)


39, Housewife

My daughter (13 years old) used to be very lazy and slow. After taking Booster, not only is she more active, but does very well in school too. She passes her exams with flying colours, and even her sister (12 years old) has started taking Booster. (Been taking Booster since 2004)

Harpreet Kaur

42, Housewife

My son (8 years old) felt very tired and weak after his morning school, but now he is more energetic and active after taking Booster, the results are so visible just after a couple of months. (Been taking Booster since April 2005)